Reviver Express Facial

Relaxing facial, perfect for the pre makeup application or the pre party preparation.

 includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising.

Revealing renewed fresh skin cells.

25 Minute Treatment £28.00

Tropic Facial

  Deeply relaxing facial using the plant derived Tropic skin care range. Includes deep cleansing, with a cocktail of antioxidants  Green Tea Extract and Golden Jojoba, fighting damage caused by free radicals and UV.  Stimulating cell regeneration.  invigorating and uplifting, toning with aloe vera juice, reducing the size of visible pores, calming and soothing with Vitamin C to brighten the complexion. Exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells with powerful Acai Berry, Bamboo Silica and Ground Rice revealing a radiant complexion, followed by a specialist treatment masque to suit your skin type.

1 Hour Treatment £40.00

Bespoke Treatments

Natural Face Rejuvenation

 A  collagen boosting face massage, helps to alleviate the build up of toxins in the face, head, neck and shoulders by boosting the efficiency of the lymphatic system. Stimulation of acupressure points and meridians on the face which help to balance the whole body.  Helps alleviate stress and anxiety.  Increases the general circulation by bringing fresh nutrients and  removes  waste products. Very soothing and deeply relaxing treatment with many health benefits, perfect for revitalising the whole being.

1 Hour  Treatment £30.00

Heaven and Earth Package

Experience total bliss, with a Luxury organic facial, including cleansing, toning, exfoliation whilst cocooned all snug and warm with prescription masque applied receive a head, face, neck and shoulder massage and to bring you back down to earth a foot massage and grounding ritual, leaving you totally relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.

1.5 Hour Treatment £60.00