We are on our feet most of the time, they truly take a battering.

Time to kick off those shoes, take the weight off and treat those tired feet to one of my tailor made pedicures.

From a file and polish, to a full on  White sands from the Bora Bora experience there is something for everyone.


Feet soaked, toe nails cut and shaped, cuticle care, foot massage and finished in polish.


Add £5.00 French Polish Finish

£20.00 without polish

Tropic Pedicure

Feet soaked in Tropics Peppermint Foot Fizz, toe nails cut and shaped. Cuticle care, exfoliation with the white sands of Bora Bora and the cleansing volcanic ash of Tahiti to aid dry skin removal. Followed by a heavenly foot massage, before being smothered with lashings of lavish indulgent  and repairing foot masque, with heated boots cocooning your feet, you can enjoy some much needed me time.


Add £5.00 French polish finish

Add on:

Hand massage £5.00

Scalp Massage £5.00